Jessie Bates Jersey

He figures it’s only a matter of time before the ball-hawking Bates gets his hands on multiple passes in a game.

“I know Jessie, I know how he plays, I know what type of guy he is. I honestly was expecting an interception the first game. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these games coming up, he’s going to have two,” Glenn said. “Honestly in that game (against Baltimore), he could’ve had two or three.

“So, it’s coming.”

Whether that’s Sunday against Cam Newton and the Panthers, we’ll soon find out. The Bengals will be traveling Saturday during Wake Forest’s home game against Notre Dame, so Bates won’t be able to attend.

He said he’d be paying attention, though. And Bates also said he was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the crowd.

“Yeah, I’ve got a few people hitting me up about being in North Carolina and hopefully I’ll be able to see some of the Wake Forest fans on Sunday out there in the crowd,” Bates said. “North Carolina is kind of a second home to me, I think it’ll be pretty cool to come back there and play.”

The last time Bates played a game in this state, it was at the Panthers’ stadium. He returned a punt 59 yards for a touchdown. That was the last score in Wake Forest’s run of 31 consecutive first-half points against Texas A&M in the Belk Bowl.

Bates said going on the road to cities he’s never visited, and seeing the massive NFL stadiums, can be close to overwhelming. In the preseason, a trip to Dallas was eye-opening.

Walking into Bank of America Stadium, though, will bring back some special emotions and memories for Bates. There won’t be any wide-eyed moments when he steps onto the field.

Unless he gets another interception, and then he to find the end zone.

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