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He figures it’s only a matter of time before the ball-hawking Bates gets his hands on multiple passes in a game.

“I know Jessie, I know how he plays, I know what type of guy he is. I honestly was expecting an interception the first game. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these games coming up, he’s going to have two,” Glenn said. “Honestly in that game (against Baltimore), he could’ve had two or three.

“So, it’s coming.”

Whether that’s Sunday against Cam Newton and the Panthers, we’ll soon find out. The Bengals will be traveling Saturday during Wake Forest’s home game against Notre Dame, so Bates won’t be able to attend.

He said he’d be paying attention, though. And Bates also said he was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the crowd.

“Yeah, I’ve got a few people hitting me up about being in North Carolina and hopefully I’ll be able to see some of the Wake Forest fans on Sunday out there in the crowd,” Bates said. “North Carolina is kind of a second home to me, I think it’ll be pretty cool to come back there and play.”

The last time Bates played a game in this state, it was at the Panthers’ stadium. He returned a punt 59 yards for a touchdown. That was the last score in Wake Forest’s run of 31 consecutive first-half points against Texas A&M in the Belk Bowl.

Bates said going on the road to cities he’s never visited, and seeing the massive NFL stadiums, can be close to overwhelming. In the preseason, a trip to Dallas was eye-opening.

Walking into Bank of America Stadium, though, will bring back some special emotions and memories for Bates. There won’t be any wide-eyed moments when he steps onto the field.

Unless he gets another interception, and then he to find the end zone.

Billy Price Jersey

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Count Cincinnati Bengals center Billy Price among those who want to see the team grab Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Price talked all things draft and Bengals with Bob Papa and Charlie Weis on The Opening Drive on Sirius XM Radio.

“I think Dwayne is going to be a franchise guy later on, once he gets the offense rolling, once he gets complete control of what he’s doing in whatever program, whatever franchise, whatever type of offense he’s in,” Price said, according to Sirius XM Radio. “He’s going to be phenomenal. And I really look forward to watching him develop as he gets up in the NFL. Again, I’d love to see him close to home in Cincinnati with me whenever, you know, Andy (Dalton) decides to hang it up. But it’s going to be great. He’s going to be a very good player.”

Price is obviously a little biased when it comes to Haskins given their Ohio State ties. He also goes out of his way to clarify it hinges on Andy Dalton’s next move, whenever it may be.

But the idea has some legs. Speculation suggests Haskins could fall out of the top 10 and we’ve discussed whether the Bengals should grab him if he falls. Haskins to the Bengals is also becoming popular in mock drafts.

Also tying into this is the Bengals confirming they won’t extend Dalton this offseason. Zac Taylor has said everything is on the table in the first round.

In other words, if Haskins is there when the Bengals pick, fans have an idea of what Price might be thinking.

Dre Kirkpatrick Jersey

On Thursday afternoon, in the midst of the opening day of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Bengals advanced their top slot corner to the next round.

The Bengals reached a one-year deal with Darqueze Dennard.

This makes things interesting in the CB unit. The Bengals also signed slot corner B.W. Webb last week, so the room is getting more crowded.

With William Jackson proving himself to be the best CB on the team, this makes us wonder who will start across from him.

Could it be Dennard? What should the Bengals do with incumbent Dre Kirkpatrick? What should the Bengals do with him?

The short answer is, he’s getting paid too much to do anything but start. He doesn’t play like it often, but he’s getting paid like the NFL’s top CBs. His average salary is higher than that of Aqib Talib and Richard Sherman. As the 13-highest paid CB in the NFL, he’s starting for the Bengals as long as he’s under contract.

But what if he wasn’t under contract?

According to, the Bengals could cut Kirkpatrick this season for only $4.2 million. This move would save them $5.353 million in salary and bonuses this season, plus the additional $9.85 million they would be paying him in 2020 and 2021.

Kirkpatrick’s cap hit this season will be $10,953,125 in 2019 and $11,250,000 in 2020 and 2021. His dead cap steadily decreases from $4.2 million to $2.8 million to $1.4 million, so the Bengals could easily cut him any time during the next three years.

The Bengals will also need to negotiate a new deal for Jackson, whose current contract will expire next offseason. So trimming the fat off of Kirkpatrick’s deal could help make some more room for the CB who is clearly the best in the organization.

The Bengals could trade him, but they wouldn’t get nearly the same level pick that used to draft him. Then again, trading him for a 3rd round pick (which is overly optimistic, they would probably only get something lower) would be better than cutting him for nothing in return.

But if the Bengals follow their standard procedure, they will let Kirkpatrick play out his contract, let him walk, and collect the compensatory pick.

So the Bengals could trade him or cut him (which would be more likely), but should they?

Not right away.

While Kirkpatrick surely doesn’t play to the level he is paid, he is still the second-best boundary on the Bengals roster. Parting ways with Kirkpatrick would only work if they acquired a CB with similar talent and payed him less than they’re currently paying Kirkpatrick.

It would make sense to get rid of Kirkpatrick, but then the Bengals would have to follow up with other moves to replace him. Dennard could move to the boundary, but he is better suited as a slot corner. His replacement in the slot would be B.W. Webb, who has been wildly inconsistent over the course of his career.

Or, the Bengals could put KeiVarae Russell or Tony McRae on the boundary, but they have been primarily special teams players. Their sample size at CB is small, but they don’t stand out as Opening Day starters for next season.

The Bengals should keep Kirkpatrick for at least one more season, since they seem to have no intention of signing a CB and there are few stand-out CBs in the draft. After that, the Bengals should look at the type of CBs that are available via free agency for the draft, and weigh their options from there.

As far as this year is concerned, the Bengals could conceivably move on from Kirkpatrick, but they probably won’t. The Dennard signing doesn’t represent any threat to Kirkpatrick’s employment status.

Carlos Dunlap Jersey

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap sees the same headlines as fans — defensive

coordinators keep passing on the job.

Dunlap isn’t a fan of the development, either:

Dunlap is referencing Bengals head coach Zac Taylor and defensive coordinator candidate Jack Del

Rio deciding not to link up. Dom Capers also reportedly turned down a chance at the job. Taylor has

since dramatically expanded the search with some interesting names.

But it isn’t hard to see where Dunlap is coming from here. The Bengals defense boasts droves of

talented pass rushers such as himself, Geno Atkins and Carl Lawson. And the secondary has some

elite players like William Jackson, not to mention possible future stars such as Jessie Bates.

Rest assured Dunlap and the defense will embrace whoever comes to town.

There are several Bengals players up for extensions this season, but few are more valuable than

Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap has been a crucial member of the Bengals since he came to the team in 2010.

Now, after the Bengals have squeezed surplus value off his rookie contract and first extension, he

’s finally ready for a payday.

Now, one of the big storylines from camp is whether Dunlap will get an extension before the season

starts. During Bengals camp yesterday, reporters noted that Dunlap was speaking with owner Mike

Brown. Dunlap’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was also in town and at camp. Rosenhaus appeared to be

engaged in the conversations with Dunlap and Brown – he posted a picture of himself with Dunlap

and Brown on Instagram. If the three are already having conversations about an extension, it is

definitely possible Dunlap could receive a contract before the start of the season.

Dunlap’ recent performance certainly merits a large contract. His first three seasons in the

league were nothing to frown at, but he’s only improved since then. Over the last five years,

Dunlap has been a model of consistency for the Bengals. He has not had a season with fewer than 46

tackles since 2013, nor a season with fewer than 7.5 sacks. In 2015, he recorded 13.5 sacks – a

career high. Dunlap has stated that his goal this season is to break that career high, which is a

definite possibility.

If Dunlap continues to play as well as he has, he will be in line for one of the richest extensions

in football for a defensive end. The top end contracts currently pay around $15 million, like

Calais Campbell of the Jaguars. Other elite rushers come in a little lower, like Everton Griffen at

$14.5 million or Cameron Jordan at $11 million. Olivier Vernon leads the way at $17 million a year,

but I don’t expect Dunlap to get that kind of money from the Bengals.

Entering his age 29 season, a 4 year extension for Dunlap seems very reasonable. If the Bengals

only give Dunlap 4 years instead of 5 or 6 years, they will probably have to pay up a little bit. A

good extension for Dunlap would be something like 4 years, $60 million – paying him $15 million a

year like an elite defensive end. Anything over $50 million for 4 years would be reasonable.

Hopefully, with Rosenhaus in town, the Bengals and Dunlap can work something out to keep him in

Cincinnati for the foreseeable future. The quicker, the better.

Tyler Eifert Jersey

The Cincinnati Bengals and tight end Tyler Eifert recently agreed to a one-year, incentive-loaded “prove-it” deal. The move is favorable for both sides, as Eifert gets the chance to prove that he can remain healthy and return to his dominant 2015 form, and the Bengals get to retain one of the league’s premier red-zone weapons for a low-risk bargain. If Eifert can manage to stay healthy, he could combine with A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd to form one of the league’s most underrated passing attacks.

The caveat with Tyler Eifert has always been his health. He has the reputation of another talented, but an oft-injured player who will never be able to sustain the flashes of greatness for more than a season. However, it is important to really look closely at Eifert’s injury history before writing him off entirely. Yes, he missed three games in 2015 with a neck stinger and a concussion. He even lost four games in 2016 with a back issue, which then turned into a surgery that caused him to miss 2017.

The injury history is concerning, but many also assume that his two other missed seasons are a result of him being injury-prone when that isn’t necessarily true. Eifert lost his 2014 season in the first quarter of the first game when he dislocated his elbow, and most recently lost his 2018 season to a nasty dislocated ankle in Week 4. Both were freak injuries that could have happened to any player who landed the wrong way, and in these instances, you can make the case that Eifert was just extremely unlucky.

Assuming Eifert can stay healthy, there is a mountain of evidence that suggests he would provide a boost to the Cincinnati offense—especially in the red zone. In 2015, Eifert played in 13 games and drew 66 targets, but he still managed to reel in 13 touchdowns, and earn a 90.1 receiving grade that ranked third among players at the position. The play below demonstrates how deadly Eifert can be in the red zone when he’s at his peak, as he sells the juke to the outside and uses a savvy swim move to slip past the smaller Brandon Flowers for the easy touchdown.

When looking at his red-zone numbers, Eifert’s impact on the field is even more apparent. Among tight ends with at least 100 red-zone snaps since 2015, Eifert’s receiving grade of 89.7 and average of 1.61 yards per route run both rank first. When you look at all Bengals receivers in the red zone with at least 10 targets since 2015, you see that Eifert’s 103.6 wide receiver rating ranks second behind only Tyler Boyd (131.5).

Even after missing all of 2017 due to his surgery, in four games Eifert managed to grab 15 of his 18 targets for 179 yards and a touchdown. Among tight ends, he tied for 10th in yards per route run and 11th in overall grade before suffering the dislocated ankle. The week before his injury, Eifert seemed to be shaking off the rust, catching six of his seven targets for 74 yards and six first downs, en route to an 87.0 overall grade.

If the first few weeks of last season were any indication, and he can recover fully from the dislocated ankle, there’s no reason to believe Eifert can’t still be a lethal receiving threat. When you consider pairing him with a budding talent in Tyler Boyd and consistent, top-level receiver in Green, things get interesting. Boyd was exceptional on money-downs last season, with 58.1% of his money-down targets went for a first down or touchdown, which ranked eighth in the NFL. He was one of the best receivers in the NFL in the slot, averaging 2.00 yards per route run (12th) when lined up in the slot, and was sixth in passer rating when targeted. If you needed any convincing of how consistently Green produces at a near-elite level, he has four seasons with an overall grade of over 85.0 and has averaged over 2.00 yards per route run every season of his career.

If Tyler Eifert can manage to stay healthy and even slightly resemble his 2015 Pro Bowl form, you can rest assured that he will pair with Tyler Boyd and A.J. Green to form one of the league’s most potent passing attacks.

Geno Atkins Jersey

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins and three-time First Team All-Pro tackle Willie Anderson will announce the Bengals’ Day 2 picks at the NFL Draft on Friday, April 26, in Nashville.

For this year’s draft, the NFL is having former first-round picks announce their team’s second-round pick, while players drafted in later rounds will read off the third-round selection. The Bengals are scheduled to pick at No. 42 in the second round and No. 72 in the third round.

Earlier this season Atkins earned his seventh career Pro Bowl nod, moving him ahead of CB Lemar Parrish (six) for most selections by a defensive player in Bengals history. Atkins led the Bengals last season with 10 sacks, quarterback hits (19) and tackles for losses (13).

Anderson, a three-time First-Team All Pro selection, was an outstanding tackle for the Bengals. He played 12 seasons for Cincinnati, starting 173 out of 181 games in a Bengals uniform. A first round pick of the Bengals in 1996, Anderson was also a member of the NFL’s All-Rookie Team.

In the NFL’s continuous effort to connect the game’s greats with the next generation of stars, 64 NFL Legends and active players will add to the excitement of the 2019 NFL Draft by announcing various selections and participating in festivities in Nashville.

Round 2 Draft selections will be announced by previous NFL club first-round picks, while Round 3 will be announced by players who were drafted in later rounds.

In addition to announcing NFL Draft selections, players will be on-site to mentor the prospects and give back to the city of Nashville through participation in a variety of community service events.

The 2019 NFL Draft will take place from April 25-27 in Nashville.

A.J. Green Jersey

A.J. Green had a decent season as a solid fantasy starter. He was the #160 ranked fantasy player this season and the #40 WR. He would have been in that next tier of WRs if he had played more games. Based on average fantasy points he was the #13 WR. He peaked early in the season. He averaged 19 FPs in his first 2 games and 8.7 FP in his final 3 games. He averaged 11.5 FPs, but on any given day his projected ceiling is as high as 25 fantasy points. A.J. Green (2019 Season Projection: 80 Rec, 993 Yards, 7.9 TDs) is projected to improve in the upcoming season. His rank based on total projected fantasy points has him as the #21 player at his position.

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Getting older did not stop Green from increasing production. His fantasy average improved by 20%.

A.J. Green only saw the field in 9 games in 2018. But based on his per game average, he would have been the #13 WR and is therefore someone to consider if there are no lingering concerns. In 2017 he was the #10 ranked fantasy WR and averaged 9.5 FP per game. Assuming he can be back on the field as strong as he has in the past, Green is poised to re-establish himself as an elite fantasy WR. He is relatively weaker than stronger in more categories.

He averaged 14 FD points and 17.3 DK points per game. We used his second highest game as his ceiling and second lowest as his floor. On DraftKings his floor was 10.8 and on FanDuel it was 8.3 fantasy points. He did not have a high ceiling (less than +20% over average). On DraftKings it was 21.7 and on FanDuel it was 16.2 FPs. On FanDuel, he has been consistent with relatively few good or bad games (+/- 20% of average), and an equal number of good and bad games on DraftKings.

Andy Dalton Jersey

The Bengals don’t have to extend Andy Dalton. They have him under contract for a very affordable $16.2 million in 2019 and $17 million for 2020. In fact, they don’t plan on extending Dalton, according to reports. The Bengals are not the kind of team that wades into the free agency waters and it would be tough to convince any big-name free agent quarterback to pack their bags for Cincinnati. That kind of makes it looks like the Bengals are tipping their hand when it comes to the draft.

The current QB depth chart behind Dalton consists of Jeff Driskel, Brad Kaaya, and Tom Savage. There isn’t a name on that list that can be the future starting signal caller of the Bengals. It shouldn’t have to be spelled out that if the Bengals aren’t extending Dalton and they don’t have their future QB on their roster than there’s a good chance that they may be drafting a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Bengals have 11 picks in the 2019 Draft. They need to figure out how much draft capital they are willing to spend on draft capital. If Dwayne Haskins is available at the 11th pick in the draft, that’s a no-brainer. If Haskins is not on the board their options may be Drew Lock or Daniel Jones. Both are projected first-round picks, but both have concerns. Maybe the Broncos don’t invest a first round pick in a quarterback and attempt to fix their offensive line. In that case, one of Ryan Finley or Will Grier should be available at the No. 42 pick. If the Bengals are lucky, one may even be available at their third round pick which is slotted at 72.

Picking a quarterback in the 2019 draft gives them two shots at their future franchise QB. If their draft pick doesn’t pan out this year, they could always select another one next year. It would be better to have a rookie sit behind Dalton for two years than one if they aren’t ready. Maybe they draft a raw quarterback like Tyree Jackson and let him sit for two years before Dalton’s contract runs out. Dalton is a perfect bridge guy. The Bengals aren’t extending him now which means he may not be part of their future plans. At some point, they will have to move on from the player who set the Dalton Line — copyright Around the NFL podcast — which was supposed to delineate between quarterbacks who can and can not win a Super Bowl.