Trayveon Williams Jersey

Williams approaches the line of scrimmage his reads take him to the cut back. He executes a great jump-cut that quickly takes him to the backside B-gap. The reverse action by the wide receiver has held the edge player and Williams has a huge opening to run through.

After picking up a first down, three defenders converge on him. He lowers his shoulder and keeps his legs moving, powering forward for more yards. Smooth cutbacks like this allow Williams to get into open gaps quickly and take advantage of holes in the defense.

This is another example of Williams’ great vision and agility. As LSU shows in the front-side gap, Williams quickly cuts back, quickly gets running up field again. He drags one LSU defender behind him as he plows into another on his way to the touchdown. Good running backs are like water: they find the fastest way downhill. Williams has the vision to see his cutback, but also understands that he must start running north/south as quickly as possible.

Williams is not one of those speedy little backs who are always looking to bounce the run out or bend it back. On this run, he drives right into a pile of defenders on the goal line and has the strength and leverage to squeak out of the back end for the touchdown. Williams has surprising power for a back of his stature which shows up regularly on his film.

This is another great read and cut back. After he breaks free, Williams does a great job of leaning away from the pursuit. Then as a secondary player approaches him from the front, Williams cuts back to the inside causing the missed tackle. Being able to make moves like these in the open field is what turns long runs into touchdown runs.

Williams is considered one of the best pass blocking running backs in this year’s draft. Here he helps out the right guard with a chip block as he releases to the check down route. He then adjusts to the off-target pass, makes the catch, and is able to pick up a few more yards.

In this clip, Williams is responsible for the edge rusher to the top of the screen. He steps up, bends his knees, and delivers a blow that stops the defender in his tracks. Notice how he brings his hips through on contact. It is a similar movement to a hang clean. Williams may not be the biggest player on the field, but he understands how to use leverage to maximize his strength,

On this play, the Aggies are running a half man/half zone protection. The left guard, center, right guard, and right tackle all slide to the right. They are responsible for the defensive line and any blitzing linebackers or defensive backs on that side. The left tackle stays on the left side and is responsible for the defensive end who is standing up in this case.